Database Design


Database Design, Development

SQL Server, My-Sql , Daffodil, Oracle Development.

Equilux Technologies provides professional software consultancy services to its clients as port of its software development package. We provide software development services & technical resources to our customers.We are experienced in development of customized applications and web based tools and technologies.

Our software consultancy & problem solving service can be in form of feasibity studies, evaluations, Validations of concepts etc.

Our software consultancy services Include

  • Creating Professional Industrials solutions
  • Client server applications development
  • Online programming
  • Evaluation of product design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Web and E-commerce application development
  • Multimedia applications
  • Software assignment and administration
  • Trouble shouting and problem solving
  • And many more.

We help you to find out right solution for your business.