Third Party Software


Third Party Software

Third party software are commercial software products that are developed, distributed and maintained under a licensing agreement with a vendor or organization.

Software package Development

Equilux Technologies provides the predeveloped software packages for your use. These software packages are developed by keeping eye on the all & general users. These general-purpose software are easy to use and very low in cost. We provide Accounting & inventory package, school management, Hotel Management, Blood bank Management, Hospital Management etc.

Third Party Software Provider

We also have the tie-up with the companies & we sell their products only for you We only sell products which really usable cost effective

Third Party Software Supports

We also provide the support for the software packages developed by other companies. We provide, Installation & Maintenance of software provided by third party developers. Developing & deploying softwar e is not a big task but maintenance & technical support is big one. Our software maintenance & technical support service provides the 24 X 7 & cost effective maintenance & support for end users. If you are an end user, purchased software from someone & not getting proper service just contact us. We are the best service & support provider in Aurangabad.

If you are a software development company & Want to save your precious time on customer & end user issues. Want to constantly implement changes to your application.

Equilux Technologies will provide software maintenance, Application support & Application services for your end user. With our application maintenance & Support services in Aurangabad City & Maharashtra State you will get...

  • Production emergency support & software technical support 24 X 7.
  • Management of customer support & end user issue handling.
  • Ongoing application maintenance & support.
  • Infrastructure support for application deployment, monitoring trouble shooting and planner upgrade
  • Integration and Customization of third party software packages..